Treatments for Men

Hello Boys!

A question I am often asked is “Do you do Treatments for men?”, and the answer is “most definitely”.  Male clients get sore, tense muscles as much as my female clients, more so in some cases, depending on what they do as a job, or hobbies they may have.


When you come to me for a massage there is no danger that you will go away feeling like you haven’t had one.  I am quite capable of giving you a very firm, strong massage (it’s all about technique, not body size or strength).  The challenge for you will be not screaming like a girl if you have a lot of tension in certain muscles. 😊  I have a selection of oils (all vegan), which are mostly unscented, but I also have some oils which have a woody, musky scent, which some male clients prefer.  The oil selection will be discussed at the start of every treatment.


I think Reflexology is still considered to be more aimed at women.  It shouldn’t be!  I don’t care if your toenails aren’t painted, or if you have hard skin on your heels from work boots.  You will still reap the benefits of a Reflexology Session.  Oh, and if you doze off during treatment, snoring is permitted.

Mian Dui

More men are realising the benefits of taking care of their skin, it’s now common for men to use moisturiser and other products, and to have facials.  A Mian Dui treatment is so much more than a facial though.  Mian Dui incorporates facial massage, the Reflexology and Acupressure aspects help to rebalance the whole body and the short Reiki treatment helps to balance the soul.  It doesn’t matter if you have facial hair, I can work with that.

Massage Therapy Treatment for Men in Essex Natural Essential Oils



1½ hours

1 hour



*Mobile from £40 depending on location
Cancellation Policy

I have a 24 hours cancellation policy.  Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

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