Hello everybody and thank you for visiting my website!

For my first blog I would like to talk to you about the effect Covid-19 had on my business plans, the opportunities that arose from that, and the process of setting up this website.


Would you believe I quit my full-time job on Valentine’s Day 2020, to finish my Reflexology Training and start my Complementary Therapy Business.  But then 9 days later the world broke.  How’s that for bad timing?  However, I’m a massive believer in that everything happens for a reason, and to be honest, having the opportunity to concentrate on my studies, whilst making the most of the beautiful Spring and Summer weather with regular local walks was fantastic.  Early morning walks from Chelmsford to Papermill Lock and Heybridge were good for my body and my soul, and reading text books in the garden was, I’m sure, good for my brain!  I got to know the Educator and the other Ladies in my Reflexology Training Group really well (we did a lot of Anatomy & Physiology zoom lessons), probably more so than if we’d been class-based the whole time.  They are the best, and I’ve valued their support and encouragement (and the occasional verbal kick up the backside) so much since we were brought together.


When it came to setting up my website, I tried initially to do it myself, but that did not end well!  I fell at the first hurdle really and just ended up frustrated and procrastinating (for procrastinating read burying head in sand and singing lalala I can’t hear you).  Hey, don’t judge me – I’m a Complementary Therapist – not an IT genius 😊.  So, once I admitted to myself this was never going to happen unless I employed somebody to do it for me, I contacted IT Positive, who I knew through a previous job.  They were on-board straight away and made the whole thing easy for me.  They just told me what they needed from me with regards to wording and pictures and suddenly this website appeared, like magic.  My main contact, Natasha, has crystals on her desk and makes dreamcatchers for fun – we were destined to get on well (and thinking about it, maybe she does have magical powers).


Every week I’ll be putting a new blog on here, with some stories from my week of treatments and/or other therapy-related information and news.  Or possibly just general musings on life. 😊.  So, revisit “Tales from the Table” next week for some stories from my first week of treatments post-Lockdown 3 (or is it 103, I’ve lost count).

See you soon.

Sue xx

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